Here are some things our customers have said about US....



Senior Seller Referral  June 14, 2013 

For anyone needing the assistance of an agent to sell their home, I would highly recommend Steve Pemper.  My father passed away and we needed to sell his home.  We knew this could be extremely difficult since we live in another state.  We were introduced to Steve and our problems were over.  After talking with him we knew he was our agent.  We listed the home on 4/16, had an offer 5/6 and closed escrow 5/30.  WOW!

Steve did everything he said he would, stayed in contact throughout the process and insured everything was done right.  The last step prior to escrow was the home inspection.  When the report came in he negotiated better prices, eliminated unnecessary items and even did some repairs himself to help get the most money for us.

Don't let his size fool you -- he is a gentle giant with a good heart.  He made the entire process very easy during a difficult time.

Thanks Steve. Ed Eckels and Family


Senior Seller Referral  April 23, 2013    Senior Seller  Fountain Valley Senior Park

Hello Michelle,  Well my 87 yr old mother had the opportunity to move into a small apartment for retired people and we knew we had to make the move, as mom couldn't take care of her large mobile home anymore.  My sister and I thought the house was too old (pre 1976) to sell and we were concerned that it required too much money to fix.  So we called you and when you saw moms home you told us the home would probably pass the park Title 25 Inspection and you would be able to sell it very fast if we listed it for a fair price. We could not afford to pay rent at both the apartment and mobile home. so we needed to sell it fast.

I was so impressed with your knowledge and confidence we decided to go with you and are we happy we did.  You sold moms house in 10 days for a good price and mom and the buyer were happy with the sale.  I was so glad we talked to you first and everything went so smoothly.  I have to just thank God and you, of course.

I wish I could do something for you because you have done so much for my mom and me.  If ever you need anything from me just call.

Thanks again Michelle.  John Spencer LAPD (retired).


Senior Buyer Referral  January 27, 2013  Michelle,

We wanted to express our deep appreciation for a job well done! We have dealt with many good sales representatives but honestly have to say, that we consider you one of the very best. It is refreshing to meet someone with your sense of humor as well as good business sense.  You had been very helpful and informative with the many issues regarding real estate and all the nuances that go with purchasing a used mobile home.  Your knowledge of mobile homes and all the codes of the local community was very informative.  We would surely recommend you to any of our family and friends who may be looking for purchasing a mobile home.

Keep up the good work!  Best regards,  Mike & Elke Botta


Senior Buyer Referral  August 29, 2012  Dear Michelle,

We can’t begin to say how much we love our new home and location in Costa Mesa.  We could not have done this process of finding a new home after the sale of our home in Bellingham, WA without you.  We contacted you in January of this year with getting educated in the world of manufactured homes with tons of questions (which you patiently answered completely) and many, many doubts for me in making this move (which you patiently gave much encouragement) and determination you would find us the perfect home for us.  That is exactly what you did.  I am so glad we found your flyer and read all the testimonials.  I can’t imagine having done this journey with anyone else by our side guiding us than you. Your knowledge, honesty, patience and warm personality and sound advice were a great help and blessing. Thanks again for everything. I feel we have made a good friend from this journey.

Warm regards,  Jake and Diane


Senior Buyer Referral  SENIOR PARK Buyer 11/2010

For those who don’t know about Michelle Fairchild with Blue Carpet let me help you out.  A year ago I was looking for a MFD. Home and found Michelle’s card and gave her a call. She called right back. I told her what I was looking for and was willing to wait for the right one at the right price.  I wanted the Driftwood Parkin Westminster loved the location, size and price of space rent, so I waited. I would get a call about every other   week and Michelle would say to me, found a few but it’s not the ONE. Showed a few and then it happened. Got a call “It’s the ONE, you have to come see it, the price just went down and it is the prefect place” and wow was she on it!  I made an offer right then.  Michelle is a very hard worker, she makes the calls, she gets the paperwork and stays on it till you have a HOME.  If you really want the home of your dreams then call Michelle she will not let you down!  Michelle, thank you for my home, I’m so happy.

Darcy Tueller  Driftwood Park Westminster


Senior Buyer Referral  Dear Michelle,

Where to start!  You are amazing. My husband and I wish you the best year ever. Both you and your husband.  First of all Michelle, my husband and I believe you are an angel~!  You came out of nowhere into our lives when we needed divine guidance.  As I’ve told you, we had to short-sale our condo which was so hard for us to do. There would have been no way for us to meet our mortgage payments and the HOA dues. We shared this with you and let you know exactly where we stood. This was very hard for us to do.  You listened and cast no judgment about us.  We all went through a bit of a speed bump with the other realtor but you held your own with grace and dignity.

We came into (park) with you and you showed us (space number) telling us “this is the house for you two”. You knew was best for us at a time when we were confused and stressed. You also told us that you did not want to show us any other house but (space number) because (space number) was for us!  You worked very hard for us. You got the price down so we were able to keep some funds in our savings and we were able to do the necessary repairs on our first home together!  We have now been here for over 6 weeks and are all settled in. we love our home and the neighbors. The manager has been good to us and we are grateful for everything and everyone and especially for you, Michelle.  There isn’t a day that goes by that we do not thank you and send you love and happiness for taking such good care of us.  Our monthly bills are at 1/3 of our condo bills. This is amazing and so peaceful for our hearts and souls.

Michelle you are our guardian angel.  The neighbors agree with us whole-heartedly. If there is ever anything that we can do for you please don’t hesitate to ask us.  We both miss seeing you and trust we will after the insane holidays calm down  Anyway doll face, we are beyond grateful for you in our lives. We were not in a very good place when we first met you and you helped to turn our lives around 360 degrees.  We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and know that you and your family are in our daily incense and candle burnings.



Senior Buyer Referral

When I decided it was time for me to buy a mobile home I called a couple of mobile home agents; and of course I had my list of demands, all of which came with a low price I wanted to pay. Ha… the agents I talked to told me my demands and price where unattainable. Then, I noticed that Michelle Fairchild from Blue Carpet was popping up everywhere in Orange County; she clearly had the most listings; so I decided to give it one more try. 

Michelle was very clear to me over the phone what she could do and could not do to help me, however, not only did she not laugh at my list of demands and price, but she had a list of properties she could show me right away. I love her! I thought; but can she really deliver?  Yes, Michelle delivered in a big way! Not only did she show me homes with my list of demands, they were in my price range. I bought a home from her and I love it; this home fits my needs and I feel I will live here forever! Great park, great location, wonderful home.  Michelle did everything for me. I work full time, so she did all the paperwork, for my loan and everything else. She got me the best mobile home loan I have ever heard of. I am very pleased with the way things turned out. She was always there for me at my convenience, no matter what time of day or what day of the week, she worked on my schedule.  I would, and have recommended Michelle to my best friends. I believe in her ability to give fair and excellent service.

Michelle Fairchild: Rating ***** (that’s a five star!)  Mary Champion


New Home Buyer Referral  April 3, 2012   Michelle Fairchild

To Whom It May Concern:

My husband and I purchased a new manufactured home from Michelle Fairchild and Blue Carpet Homes.  We sold our home and wanted to live in a senior mobile home park community.  As this was all new to us, Michelle held our hand throughout the entire process.  She made this purchase so easy and worry free with her knowledge of the industry.  Michelle was always professional and extremely pleasant.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone that is considering purchasing a manufactured home whether it is a new one, or one that is on the market for sale.  Thank you Michelle for all your help, we truly appreciate it.  We love our home.

Sincerely,  Patricia A. Kushnir


Seller Referral  July 24, 2012  Dear Michelle,

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping us with the sale of our home.  Our home had been on the market for 4 months with another realtor. We were more than disappointed, to say the least. When we called you, we had become very discouraged and had been pushed to a financial deadline. From our first phone call, we were encouraged and gained a renewed excitement. You didn’t waste any time in meeting with us. You were not only very professional, but an absolute pleasure to work with.  Immediately we were seeing “action” after months of seeing nothing at all. You kept us informed every step of the way.  With several people interested, you followed up on them all, keeping us apprized of the progress. When we received an offer, you definitely worked the entire transaction, to our best interest. You got us what we asked for, in the time constraint that we had. You went “above and beyond” what could ever been expected. Even when, we thought there may have been a delay, you worked your magic, and made it happen.  We just wanted to say thank you again. We would be happy to refer any of our friends to your company. And we would be sure to say “ask for Michelle.”

Best Regards,  Bill & Cindy Greer 


Buyer & Seller Referral From Family Seller who was a buyer first  December 27, 2012  Dear Michelle,

After finally getting settled in our senior community (and Loving it) , we are getting around to saying a long overdue thank you.  Thank you so very, very much for the wonderful job you did selling our manufactured home at Fountain Valley Estates.  In a very tough market for selling you sold our home in 23 days.  This was not surprising to us , after all, you have given outstanding service to our family over many years in four separate transactions.  First you were our very excellent agent in buying our home in Fountain Valley .  Then you provided wonderful service as our daughter’s agent in purchasing her home.  After several years , you did a great job selling our daughters home. ( She is now happily living out of state.)  Then many years later, you again gave your most excellent professional service and were extremely knowledgeable and very efficient .  You were professional, gave wise advise and were always friendly and encouraging.  You inspire great confidence in your abilities because you always take care of every detail very efficiently and make the process easy for the customer.  Michelle, we give you our very highest recommendation. Just recently I referred a potential seller to you.  We thank you very, very much from the bottom of our hearts.  Because of you, our dreams have come true.  You are the BEST!  We wish you the very best and will continue to refer customers to you. 

Sincerely,  William and Theresa Sammon  Fountain Valley Estates Sellers